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Upcoming Events and Breaking News

Next Monthly Congregation Meeting

Date: Sunday, February 25, 2024  

Time: After 10:15 a.m. worship, approx. 11:15 a.m.


Breaking News

Happy birthday this month to: 2/1, Sharron Davis, Robert Hesse, Jr.; 2/2, Alexis Ehrhart, Hyacinth Janacyk; 2/4, Jameson Vaught; 2/5, Tara Tracy; 2/8, Linda Novy; 2/9, Robert Jenkins; 2/11, William Gerdez, III, Kelly Lyons; 2/12, Joshua Jenkins; 2/13, Robert Neeley; 2/18, Daisy Mae Neeley, Matthew Phillips; 2/19, Chris Earll, Faith Zaborac; 2/20, Rich Kuyper; 2/23, Melissa Janecyk; 2/28, Hailey Morgan, Billy Morgan


Coffee Hour Hosts Needed

If you are interested in hosting coffee hour, please let church secretary Sharron or Pastor know the date and it will be placed in the bulletin, on the website and posted on social media. 


Church Rental Fees:


Church Rental: $100.00 non-members; $50.00 members 

Social Hall Rental Fee: $400.00 non-members; $200.00 members

Rental Manager's Fee: $100, all

Rental Clean-up Deposit: $150, all (Refundable within 7 days after event if spaces rented are cleaned as agreed.)

Damage Deposit: $250, non-members; $150 members (Refundable within 7 days after event if there is no damage)

If you are a church member, and you rent the church or the social hall for an event at the member rate, you must be the host of that event and you must be present at the event. Thank you. 

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