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Sunday School

Sunday School and Adult Forum

Sunday School

The purpose of Sunday school is to assist you in helping your children to establish a strong foundation in the Word of God and their Lutheran-Christian faith that they can build on throughout their lives. Our teachers strive for a relaxed, caring and fun atmosphere. Instruction methods vary, because everyone learns differently. Classes meet downstairs in the social hall. Masks are optional. 

Adult Forum

The adult class meets in the room off the south side of the nave. Come dig into the Scriptures and Lutheran faith and practice! Share your thoughts and ideas, ask questions, or just sit quietly and listen to the discussion. This time is designed to help you to "put on the full armor of God" (Ephesians 6:10-18, NRSV) and to learn how to "try the spirits, whether they be of God" (1 John 4:1, NRSV). Pastor leads the class. Masks are optional, but he asks you to please consider wearing a mask out of care for him. 

If you or your child is ill or you think or know that someone in your family has been exposed to COVID-19 or any other illness, please stay home and rest. Even asymptomatic people (no symptoms) can infect others with COVID-19. If testing with a RAT, please test over several days. The virus has learned to "outsmart" RATs.   

If your child has any food or other allergies, please tell the teacher personally.

Trunk and Treat, 2018

Painting pumpkins craft

Easter Season 2019

Anaya and Arianna

Sunday School and Adult Forum are important for developing and increasing knowledge of the Bible and Lutheran beliefs and worship and how they apply to our modern lives. Congregation lay leaders are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to better understand and grow in your faith, and bring your families! *

Sunday school choir

Christ the King Sunday, 2019

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