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Re:Vitality Program

Our congregation is exploring participation in re:Vitality Lutheran revitalization program. "Vital" is the key component of "revitalization." Wherever the Word is proclaimed and God's Sacraments are administered, there is spiritual vitality.  We have that at Markham Lutheran, but we know there are things we could be doing better. Re:Vitality builds upon this spiritual vitality! 

CADDS Questionnaire

We need to hear from everyone, individually. That means spouses/partners and adult children (18 and up) should all fill out a questionnaire separately. We want to hear from you whether you've been a member here your whole life, or you are brand new; whether you're a member, frequent attendee, or occasional visitor. Your responses are completely anonymous. No one will know your name nor see individual responses. Please take the Congregational Assessment of Development Survey.

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