MARKHAM LUTHERAN CHURCH - Baptized to serve.
In the Lord's Service *
On a typical Sunday (or other worship occasion), about 20 lay people help celebrate our Eucharists, teach Sunday School and sponsor our fellowship hour after church. Included are acolytes, greeters/ushers, the choir, organist, reader/lector, teachers and coffee hour hosts. This work is joyfully accomplished because it’s well understood that a liturgical church is a participatory experience. This is your church and your ministry.  If you can dream it and lead it, we can do it! 

A lay Assisting Minister offers prayers, reads the Epistle (and the Old Testament lesson when there is no lector), helps distribute communion and joins with the Pastor to lead worship; acolytes, who can be adults as well as children and teens, light candles, carry them in processions, act as crucifer (one who carries the cross in procession), Bible bearer, and help distribute communion; the altar guild chairperson makes sure all the vestments and altar linens are ready, and fresh candles and flowers are on the altar; the altar guild member assigned to the day may set up communion, and clears and cares for the altar, altar plate and linens after the service; greeters/ushers hand out worship bulletins, gather the offering and direct people to the altar rail for Holy Communion. The choir assists with the music of worship, leading the assembly's song.  

Serving on November 17, 2019
The 23rd Sunday after Pentecost

Presiding Minister:  Rev. Dr. Larry G. Schneekloth 

Assisting Minister:  Rosemary Schneekloth    

Acolyte/Communion Assistant:  Mia Earll 

Organist:  Jason Hill

Also Serving:

Ushers:  Ron Baker and Richard Kuyper

Altar Guild:  Amanda Wiltjer  **

Financial Secretary:  Jan Nicholas

Coffee hour:   Kris Findlay 


Would you like to serve as an assisting minister, usher, coffee hour host or on the Altar Guild?  
Serving as an assisting minister, who helps Pastor in leading the congregation in worship, is an enriching experience. Assisting ministers usually read the OT Lesson and the Epistle and lead the Psalm, if it is spoken; they may chant, if they have that skill; participate with Pastor in the Prayer of the Church; and help Pastor distribute Holy Communion. Please talk to Pastor Schneekloth about volunteering for this important position.  

Please talk to Tracy Blankenship if you're interested in becoming an usher. If you've never done it before, she'll gladly train you.
If you'd like to host coffee hour, the sign up sheet is on the small bulletin board on the east wall of the social hall, between the large bulletin board and  the kitchen hatch. If you've never served before, talk to Nancy Griffin, Coffee Hour Coordinator. She'll be happy to explain what you need to do. Thank you.
The altar guild takes care of the altar, which may include setting up Holy Communion and dealing properly with left over wine and bread, the communion ware and linens after the worship service and more.  Volunteers of both genders are always welcome.  If you're interested, please talk to Rosemary Schneekloth, Chairperson, about what this ministry entails.  You would be very welcome.  
Altar Flowers
If you'd like to provide flowers for the altar, please talk to Rosemary! It is a wonderful way to remember a loved one or to mark a special occasion in your life. (Please remember that there are no flowers on the altar during Lent, which in 2017 is Ash Wednesday, February 14-Good Friday, March 30.
* If  for any reason you can't fulfill your service responsibility,  please switch with someone else.  If you are unable to do so, please contact Tracy Blankenship (ushers), Pastor (assisting minister, acolytes and lector), Rosemary Schneekloth (Altar Guild), or Janet Nicholas (coffee hour) as soon as possible. (Ask Phyllis King for a church directory if you don't have one.)

Dress Code for all who participate in the Worship service: Ushers, acolyte(s), assisting minister, lector and cantor, you are strongly encouraged to wear dressy casual/dress clothes and shoes when you are scheduled to serve.  It is preferable that your faded jeans, T-shirts, sweatshirts/hoodies, shorts and gym shoes/Uggs and similar footwear remain at home on Sundays when you're scheduled to serve.   
Please remember that when you host coffee hour, you're responsible to clean up, including wiping down all the tables that were used in the social hall.

Due to frequent changes in the acolytes' schedules due to games, etc., parents are strongly encouraged to check the Acolyte Schedule on this site often rather than depending on the Altar Guild Chairperson constantly to be e-mailing updated schedules.

*  Choir Members:  Ron Baker, Sharron Davis, Lauren Findlay, Paul Haberstock (Accompanist), Phyllis King, Bernie Postlewaite, Meredith Postlewaite, Rev. Larry G. Schneekloth, Rosemary Schneekloth (Director), Amanda Wiltjer
** Members of the Altar Guild:  Kristen Colosimo, Caitlin Griffin, Alex Martin, Bernardine Postlewaite, Florene Roberts, Rosemary Schneekloth (Chairperson), Amanda Wiltjer
Junior Members: Elizabeth and Joseph Wiltjer


Sharron, Mary and Ida, hosts of coffee hour celebrating Black HIstory Month 2013Coffee Hour Hosts (in honor of
Black History Month)
Left to right: Mary Molnar,  Angela Davis, Ida Dickerson, and Sharron Davis, with assistants William, Joe, Elizabeth, Ariana, and Anaya

Altar Guild
Front row: Bernie Postlewaite and Florene Roberts; Middle row: Alex Martin and Meredith Postlewaite (former member); Top row:  Caitlin Kannberg, Rosemary Schneekloth, Chairperson, and Kristen Colosimo; Not available: Amanda, Elizabeth, and Joseph Wiltjer
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