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Sunday School and Adult Forum 

Sunday School and Adult Forum are important for developing and increasing knowledge of the Bible and Lutheran beliefs and practice and how they apply to our modern lives. Congregation lay leaders are strongly encouraged to take this opportunity to better understand and grow in your faith! Please join us at 9 AM every Sunday, fall through spring, ages 3 and up! *
Sunday School Staff: Jason Hill, Rosemary Schneekloth (substitute), and Amanda Wiltjer (Superintendent) 
Our Sunday School teachers are a group of people dedicated to the personal and spiritual welfare of each child who walks through the church doors. Our goal is to help you help your children to develop a strong foundation in the Word of God and their Lutheran-Christian faith that they can build on throughout their lives, in a relaxed and caring atmosphere. As you'll see from the attached pictures, instruction methods vary, because everyone learns differently. We also have a lot of fun! 
 You can help to make sure your family has an optimal Sunday School/Adult Forum experience!
Your child's attitude toward Sunday School and church will be determined by your attitude and the behavior you model.  It's primarily a parent's or guardian's responsibility to make disciples for Christ of their children.  If a parent's/guardian's faith is important to them, it's far more likely to be important to their children! 
Your Pastor and Sunday School staff/church family are here to support you in your very important ministry to your family!
  • Pick out Sunday clothes before Sunday morning.  
  • Have items on hand for a quick, nourishing Sunday breakfast.
  • Make Saturday night Family Night: Turn off the TV, or choose a special family film with a spiritual theme and discuss; power down your phones and PCs/laptops/pads, Nintendo DS etc.; serve a favorite meal, whether take-out or homemade; choose a classic book together and read it as a family, and/or read and discuss Sunday's lessons and the commentary, published on the website. The Lutheran Study Bible, NRSV, published by Augsburg Fortress is a great resource, and the kids can get familiar with looking up Bible verses and reading them!
  • Get a good night's sleep.  
  • Wake up early enough so that you don't have to rush and the family will arrive for Bible study and Sunday School fully awake and ready to participate and learn! 
Adult Forum: Led by Pastor Larry, the adult class meets in the room on the south side of the nave. If you want to dig deeper into the Scriptures and Lutheran faith and practice in friendly surroundings with coffee cup in hand, this is for you! No one is put on the spot. You're welcome to share your thoughts and ideas, ask questions, or just sit quietly and listen to the discussion. There are many distractions in our lives, and many popular teachers out there who often say things that "sound good."  But is their theology and interpretation of Scripture sound?  This time is designed to help each one of us to put on the full armor of God and to know how to rightly "try the spirits, whether they be of God."  (1 John 4:1) This is an important resource for all adult and young teen/adult church members. Please come join us. 
*Your child must be potty trained. If your child has any food allergies, please tell us on her/his registration form!  Snacks are not served every Sunday, so please make sure your child eats something before arriving at Sunday School. 
Trunk and Treat, Reformation Sunday, October 2012
Angel band, Christmas Program 2012Art project time
Go Team Samaya! VBS 2013 
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