MARKHAM LUTHERAN CHURCH - Baptized to serve.
Organists' Schedule January 1 (Feast of the Name of Jesus)-June 25, 2017 (3rd Sunday after Pentecost)

January 1 (Name of Jesus): Phyllis King

January 8 (Baptism of Our Lord): Rev. Paul Haberstock

January 15, 2016 (2nd Sunday after the Epiphany): Phyllis King

January 22 (3rd Sunday after the Epiphany): Jason Hill

January 29 (4th Sunday after the Epiphany):  Rev. Paul Haberstock

February 5 (5th Sunday after the Epiphany):  Jason Hill

February  12 (6th Sunday after the Epiphany):  Rev. Paul Haberstock

February  19 (7th Sunday after the Epiphany):  Phyllis King

February 26 (The Transfiguration of Our Lord): Jason Hill

March 1 (Ash Wednesday): Rev. Paul Haberstock

March 5 (1st Sunday in Lent): Phyllis King 

March 8 (Lenten Vespers): Jason Hill

March 12 (2nd Sunday in Lent): Rev. Paul Haberstock 

March 15 (Lenten Vespers):  Rev. Paul Haberstock 

March 19 (3rd Sunday in Lent):  Phyllis King 

March 22 (Lenten Vespers): Rev. Paul Haberstock 

March 26 (4th Sunday in Lent): Jason Hill

March 29 (Lenten Vespers): Rev. Paul Haberstock 

April 2 (5th Sunday in Lent): Jason Hill

April 5 (Lenten Vespers): Rev. Paul Haberstock

April 9 (Sunday of the Passion/Palm Sunday): Rev. Paul Haberstock

April 13 (Maundy Thursday): Jason Hill

April 14 (Good Friday): Jason Hill

April 16 (Easter Sunday): Jason Hill and Phyllis King (6:30 a.m.); Rev. Paul Haberstock (10:15 a.m.)

April 23 (2nd Sunday of Easter): Jason Hill 

April 30 (3rd Sunday of Easter): Rev. Paul Haberstock 

May 7 (4th Sunday of Easter): Phyllis King

May 14 (5th Sunday of Easter): Rev. Paul Haberstock 

May 21 (6th Sunday of Easter): Phyllis King 

May 28 (7th Sunday of Easter): Jason Hill 

June 4 (The Day of Pentecost): Jason Hill 

June 11 (The Holy Trinity): Rev. Paul Haberstock 

June 18 (2nd Sunday after Pentecost): Phyllis King 

June 25 (3rd Sunday after Pentecost): Jason Hill 

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