MARKHAM LUTHERAN CHURCH - Baptized to serve.
2016 Congregation Officers:

President: Nancy Griffin      
Vice President: Jason Hill
Recording Secretary: Meredith Postlewaite 
Treasurer: Phyllis King
Financial Secretary: Janet Nicholas
Elders:  Ida Dickerson, Richard Kuyper, Berdine McManus 
Ida Dickerson,  Elder; Mary Molnar, Stewardship Chairperson; 
and Sharron Davis, Stewardship

Left: Richard Kuyper (with Pastor), Elder 


                                                                                                                 Bernardine Postlewaite, Stewardship 

Phyllis King, Treasurer and VP, Women's Guild; Donna Simon;    
and  Berdine McManus, Elder

Trustees: Ronald Baker, David Blankenship, and  Matthew Phillips
Stewardship: Sharron Davis, Mary Molnar (Chairperson), and Bernie Postlewaite 
Sunday School Superintendent: Jason Hill, through spring 2017 (see picture below, right, with in-coming superintendent Amanda Wiltjer, who takes over the position in fall 2017)
Youth Leader: TBA 
Head Usher: Tracy Blankenship (see picture below, left)


  Nancy Griffin, President   

2016 Women's Guild Officers:
President: Jan Nicholas
Vice President: Phyllis King
Secretary: Florene Roberts
Treasurer: Ruth Crowl
Altar Guild Chairperson: 
Rosemary Schneekloth
  Rosemary Schneekloth, Chairperson 
Altar Guild
Florene Roberts, Secretary, Women's Guild
Jan Nicholas,  Church Financial Secretary  and President, Women's Guild
Matt Phillips, Trustee, with wife Colleen, daughter Leia and Pastor, Leia's baptism, Easter Sunday 2014

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