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If there's something special you wish to share, such as a graduation, an award, a birth, baptism or funeral notice, etc., it will appear here! Let us know what's going on at:;  
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Thrivent members, please direct your "Choice Dollars" to Markham Lutheran Church: Call 1-800-THRIVENT (1-800-847-4836) and say, "THRIVENT CHOICE." Answer questions and direct your choice dollars to Markham Lutheran! You can also designate your "Choice Dollars" on-line. To do that and read more about Thrivent, go to:



40" Sharp HD TV, donated by Alderman Bill Barron. 

Tickets: $5 per ticket; only 150 tickets will be sold. The drawing will be held when all tickets have been sold.  Please see Jason Hill for tickets!


Meredith Postlewaite is assembling "Care Packages" for our college students and military personnel. Here is a suggested donation list:  Small bags of chips; microwave popcorn; oatmeal cups; pudding cups; ramen noodle cups; Kraft Easy Mac and Cheese Cups; granola and/or cereal bars; any individually wrapped snacks; fruit snacks; drink packets for bottled water; fun size candy bars; cookies; personal care products, especially multi-purpose shower products; disposable razors

Please bring your donations to church and give them to Meredith. Many thanks! 


Lauren Findlay is raising money to make care backpacks. These backpacks will be filled with essentials for those who are less fortunate. They will be stocked with things like hairbrushes, food, a T-shirt and other necessary items. Lauren has made friends with some of the homeless people in her town and has heard about how these things would benefit them. She says, "We all take things like soap, and clean socks for granted when these people are lucky to have a sock with only one hole. All money raised is going towards supplies for these backpacks. Monetary or supplies donations (soap, body wash, wash cloths, shampoo and conditioner, tissues, tampons and/or sanitary napkins, socks, non-perishable snacks, etc.) are greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance."


Church Newsletter

If you would like to receive the new and improved, full color church newsletter, The Church Mouse, please send an e-mail to so that it can be e-mailed to you. Very few copies will be mailed via USPS due to the expense of color copying and postage. Don't worry that you'll be inundated with e-mails from the church. We primarily communicate via our website, Facebook and the weekly service bulletin. And, of course, the newsletter is available for reading here on the website. 

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